Spidercam for Virtual Reality

Immersive Media is a leading producer and distributor of 360 degree videos, cameras and operating systems. As a joint pursuit between Emily Carr and Immersive Media, I helped develop a lightweight Spidercam for use with Immersive Media’s 360 degree cameras. This Spidercam supports virtual reality filmmakers by physically removing them from the scene, while providing remote […]


What can Twitter show us about our community? Tweelo takes the public’s tweets and reveals the emotional index of Vancouver neighborhoods in real-time. If a tweet contains words with negative connotation, it is displayed as a red point on the map, while positive tweets are green and neutral tweets are blue. Each tweet contributes to […]

Fraser Surrey Docks Port Arrivals

The Port Arrivals Interactive Map was developed for The Fraser River Discovery Centre, providing a visualization of ships that passed through Fraser Surrey Docks during 2013. Created as a semester long project for the Programming for Creative Practices class at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, this installation addresses the industry of the Fraser River. Through […]

How to Build a Virtual World

The info sheet is designed to be easily readable, allowing passers by to simply scan the text for presentations of interest. The addition of colour helps to highlight the dates of each presentation, and clearly guide the eye through the text. The logo is based around the ‘virtual world’ theme of the speaker series, depicting a globular polygon […]


Chomp is a game created using Processing with FaceOSC. The objective is to try and eat as much food from the food truck in the allotted time without eating any pests. The physical movement of the player controls the motion of an animated mouth within the game which must be carefully maneuvered to eat the food. Chomp […]