How to Build a Reactable

The following diagrams provide loose instructions on how to build a Reactable interactive tabletop. These drawings are based on the ones found here, but are altered to accommodate my projectors minimum projection distance.

This Reactable follows this TUIO / ReacTIVision model using tangible fiducials:

Final Structure
Reactable structural components
Lid to sit above plexiglass
Plexiglass specifications – The visible area of the plexiglass has the same 3:4 ratio as the camera being used. Plexiglass should ideally be frosted, or have a sheet of tracing paper placed on it. This gives the projection somewhere to land, and ensures viewers can’t see inside the box.¬†
Support Ridge – The plexiglass sits on top of the support ridge, followed by the lid, leaving 4.5cm of empty space surrounding the plexiglass incase infrared LEDs are needed.

Reactable body – constructed with 1/2 inch thick plywood or MDF.
Hinged door so tech components can be setup. Includes a gap so power cables and extension cords can easily run through.
Inside of the structure, with required tech components

This structure is designed to accommodate the BenQ W770St projector.

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