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This piece, titled Sea-D is a sculpture of a fish made from recycled pieces found within a tape player and two CD players. When the gear on the right side of the body is spun, the fish “swims” back and fourth. This sculpture employs three gestalt principles including emergence, similarity and proximity to create a […]

Sound Mapper

  This project, built in Pure Data, is an attempt to map location through means other than the usual pinpointing on a map. Observers are able to deduct an approximate location of participants within the space depending on the audio that is played. I created a patch that employs participants as active contributors through movement. As the […]

Off Course

Off Course is a photographic narrative following the short journey of a girl who becomes lost in the woods.

Audio Visualizer

This audio visualizer processes live audio heard through the computer microphone, and visualizes the frequency spectrum through live manipulated video footage. The use of these two live input objects creates a program with full participant interaction through speech, sound and movement.

Birch Chair

This chair was created for my 1st year sculpture class at UBC Okanagan. We were challenged to find a pre-existing chair and attempt to build a replica. I chose Mediodesign’s “Elephant Lounge Chair,” which they designed to be reminiscent of the Eames Plywood Elephant.