Broughton Library

Broughton Library Elevation At the Corner of Robson Street and Broughton Street in Vancouver’s West End lies a vacant lot. This site forms the context for the design of Broughton Library. This structure makes use… Read More »Broughton Library


https://vimeo.com/126872811 What can Twitter show us about our community? Tweelo takes the public’s tweets and reveals the emotional index of Vancouver neighborhoods in real-time. If a tweet contains words with negative connotation, it is displayed… Read More »Tweelo

Virtual Reality Spidercam

Immersive Media is a leading producer and distributor of 360 degree videos, cameras and operating systems. As a joint pursuit between Emily Carr and Immersive Media, I helped develop a lightweight Spidercam for use with… Read More »Virtual Reality Spidercam