Choosing Plexiglass

A couple weeks ago my instructor ordered some samples of Acrylite plexiglass so we could get an idea as to what product would be best for the ReacTable. After a couple weeks of waiting, the samples arrived. In the box are about seven different samples of plexiglass in different opacities, colours and thicknesses.

plexiglass samples

The three thinnest samples seemed to be quite opaque, which won’t allow the camera to see the fiducials through the surface.


The remaining samples were all clear, and varied in thickness from 0.375 to 1 inch. The clear samples all seemed like they would work well for the project, even the thinnest one seemed rigid enough that it won’t dip in the middle when cut to a large size.

Although this sample would work well with ReacTable, I think it’s possible that a thinner piece of plexiglass, around 0.23 inches (6mm) would work just as well.


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