Discovery Centre

overlooking the train tracks in New westminster

Today my Programming for Creative Practice class met at the Fraser River Discovery Centre in New Westminster in order to meet the people that run the centre and familiarize ourselves with the space. After reviewing our ideas with the coordinator, we were toured through the exhibits and given a chance to interact with some of the instillations that were already on display.

overlooking the quayhydrometric data recording station


All of the pieces on exhibit in the Discovery Centre were tied to one, or more of the three pillars: Environment, History and Industry. Coincidentally, myself and the other two students in the class had each developed project ideas tied to a different educational pillar.

We were informed that the target audience for the centre is comprised of families from Metro Vancouver and students from kindergarten to seventh grade. This is something I must consider when designing my interactive cargo ship map, as it must be simple enough for the younger participants to understand.


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