Final Touches

After adding the final touches to my program it seems to be working pretty well. Now there are unique icons that pop up when a user hovers over a ship and changes which data is showed. I also added a map, which I styled in MapBox.

final screenshot

MapBox and TileMill allow me to use the Unfolding Maps library for Processing to import map tiles into my program. Even though this is a good option, I decided to import an image of a map instead since I wasn’t going to be zooming in or out, or changing the map image that is displayed.

In the final version of the program, users are able to slide a fiducial along the surface of the touch screen table to change the month the data is from. Another fiducial can be rotated, allowing the user to switch between ship name, country, commodity and estimated time of arrival. The third fiducial acts as a pointer, and when it’s placed above a moving ship, data is displayed.

So that the program displays properly on the touch table, I changed the size of the canvas so the display is the same dimensions as the screen width and height.


While creating the program I only tested it with the TUIO Simulator instead of the ReacTIVision app. This was because I needed to wait for the table to be created, and holding the fiducials in front of the camera didn’t have the same effect. It was really great to see how it all came together when I finally installed it in the table.



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