Floor Projection

I rented a projector so I could find answers to some of the questions I had about projecting onto the floor, mainly:

  1. Does the texture or colour of the ground interfere with the image?

  2. Are shadows a problem?

floor projection test 2floor projection test

I placed the projector on a shelf and used a mirror to direct the image onto the ground. Projectors aren’t meant to be pointed straight down, so helps to keep the projector alive while easily getting the needed angle.¬†While testing my grad project, I found that the image is easiest to read on a flat surface and the colours are best when projected onto a white background. This is something to consider while designing for the grey cement floors at Emily Carr. The area I was working with was too small to come up with an accurate answer as to how the shadow will affect the projection, but I think as long as the mirror is parallel to the floor, shadows shouldn’t be a problem.

These videos show projects that have effectively projected interactive installations onto the ground, with minimal shadow interference.

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