Adding Icon Images and Flags

After 10 weeks and 32 project versions I think the end is in sight. My ship visualization program seems to be functioning properly so I’ve been working on fixing some of the design elements and adding more images.


When looking through the data of all the ships that passed through the port during 2013 I realized that there were only approximately 20 countries listed. I decided that instead of just showing the name of the country I would also provide an image of the flag. By adding more images users will hopefully be more interested and engaged with the program. Also, since there are only 20 countries it was easy enough to download the image for each flag and load it into my project.

comodity icons

I also created new icons to represent each commodity including forest products, steel products, bulk cargo, general cargo and containers.

Hopefully next I’ll be able to add an easing effect so the images of the flags fade in when a new ship is selected.


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