Map Design

While waiting to receive the data sets from the ports, I started work on designing a map to support my project. When I created my initial mockup, I envisioned the final piece would look something like this:

mockup FRDC

I did some research and realized that there’s a Processing library called Unfolding Maps that allows users to easily integrate maps into their projects, and it even allows geo-positioned markers to be added to their corresponding location. The library download comes with six predefined map styles, but also allows users to externally style their own maps in outside programs, and integrate them into their program with Unfolding Maps. These other programs are Mapbox and TileMill. With Mapbox, an online map design service, I managed to design two contrasting maps that I am debating between using in the final interface. Mapbox allows users to change the colours and prominence of certain aspects on satellite, terrain view and street maps. The program is really easy to use… but I found it became unnecessarily complicated when I tried to import the maps I made in Mapbox into TileMill, which is frustrating because TileMill is made by the same people as Mapbox, so you would think the integration of the two would be a little more seamless.

Through TileMill, I am able to export my map into a format that can be imported into processing.

Below are the two maps I am contemplating using in my project.

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