Fraser Surrey Docks Port Arrivals

Interactive Tabletop with ReacTIVision

The Port Arrivals Interactive Map was developed for The Fraser River Discovery Centre, providing a visualization of ships that passed through Fraser Surrey Docks during 2013.


Created as a semester long project for the Programming for Creative Practices class at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, this installation addresses the industry of the Fraser River. Through a touch screen table interface, users are able to interact with the program by moving the ship shaped objects over the screen.

Port Arrivals Program

One ship affects the timeline, and when slid horizontally changes which months data is displayed. Another ship can be rotated to show information about the vessel, while the third acts as a pointer. By scrolling through the monthly timeline, users are able to see when each individual ship arrived at the port, its cargo, the country of origin and the name of the ship. The cargo listed includes bulk products, containers, steel, forest products and general cargo. The Port Arrivals Interactive Map was created using Processing with TUIO and ReacTIVision.

In addition to developing the program, I designed a 3D mockup of the interactive tabletop, outlining dimensions and materials. This blueprint was used in the construction of the final interface.