Rear Projection Touch Screen with Kinect

What can Twitter show us about our community? Tweelo takes the public’s tweets and reveals the emotional index of Vancouver neighborhoods in real-time. If a tweet contains words with negative connotation, it is displayed as a red point on the map, while positive tweets are green and neutral tweets are blue. Each tweet contributes to the overall sentiment of its neighbourhood. This sentiment is displayed by assigning an appropriate emoji to each neighbourhood and colouring the surrounding area various shades of red, green or blue depending on the balance of negative and positive tweets.

Tweelo is displayed on a large rear-projection touchscreen, purpose-built for this project. When users poke one of the points on the screen, the tweet is revealed.

Users interacting with the installation


The rear-projection touchscreen was created using lycra stretched over a wooden frame, with a depth-sensing Kinect camera and short throw projector hidden behind. When a user pokes the screen, the Kinect camera senses the change in depth, triggering the program to display the tweet. This custom built interface is incredibly tactile and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Rear-projection touchscreen setup, with the kinect camera directly behind the screen while the projector projects upwards.

Hover your mouse over the points below to reveal the content of the tweets! This example is currently running with a static set of tweets, whereas the actual installation is constantly updated as tweets are posted.

[iframe src=”” width=”620″ height=”500″]