Last Monday I arrived at school early to see the touch screen table that my project would be displayed on. I had to give a presentation in the afternoon, and hadn’t yet been able to test my program on the table.

I set up all of the equipment inside the box, which included:

–       Projector

–       Laptop

–       Mirror

–       Fire-i Board Camera

inside the touch screen table

I needed to project the image from my computer onto the mirror and reflect it onto the bottom of the plexiglass surface of the table. This was quite difficult, as the mirror wasn’t big enough so the projection did not fill up the entire surface of the table. I also needed to adjust the keystoning on the projector so that the image wouldn’t be crooked, which also reduced the size of the image.

I encountered other difficulties which made it difficult for the camera to see the fiducials through the plexiglass surface. This wasn’t a problem with the transparency of the glass, but rather the focus of the camera in combination with the ReacTivison software.

Eventually I managed to adjust the camera so it registered the location of the fiducials, but was unable to position the camera and projection image in the exact same location. This just meant that the location of the fiducial on the screen didn’t line up exactly with the image that was being displayed.

fiducialsThe final problem was that when I moved the fiducial left along the table surface, the pointer would move in the opposite direction. This was easily fixed by inverting the x-axis in the ReacTICision app.


I managed to get the program working well enough before my presentation in the afternoon. The representatives from the Fraser River Discover Centre seemed to like the project, and offered suggestions on things that can be changed or added for future versions of the project.

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