Project Planning

This semester my Programming for Creative Practices class has been given the opportunity to create installations that will be displayed at the Fraser River Discovery Centre in New Westminster. The format of the project is open for interpretation, but must cover a subject of or relating to the Fraser River or the local environment.

comodity icons

After brainstorming project ideas and figuring out what related data sets were publicly available, I decided that there are sufficient data sets covering the arrival of ships at the New Westminster Port. I was able to gather real time data that includes:

  • Name of the ship
  • What it’s carrying,
  • The country the ship belongs to
  • Where the ship is coming from
  • When it is estimated to arrive at the local port

 Other environmental data such as the tide level, direction and speed of the wind and the speed of the current in the Fraser River may also be taken into consideration.

 The project will consist of an interactive map that displays real time data, or whatever is available at that given moment, in an easy to see arrangement.

I am currently trying to decide how people will interact with the interface. The first idea I’m considering is the use of tangible objects, with symbol imagery such as, on top of a smart surface to change the data that is projected onto the screen, similar as to what is shown in the Venice Unfolding video below.

My second idea is to allow the audience to use gestural commands to zoom in, and select data to be displayed. The most effective way to accomplish this could be through the use of a leap motion controller. The Leap Motion easily connects to a computer using the usb port, and allows users to interact with what’s shown on screen by waving their hands above the sensor. 

 Over the semester I will document the progress I make on this 15-week project, and provide weekly progress updates.

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