Floor plan composed of Individual Images taken from 1 metre from floor level

“A studiolo (from the Italian, meaning little studio) is a small room, often lavishly decorated, dedicated to reading, studying and writing. It is generally of a relatively private character.”

This studiolo was designed around a wood veneer flower which was randomly assigned to me from a selection of interesting, unique objects. This object guided the curves and materiality of the design, as well as the formal application of the tessellated object on the exterior of the structure.

Located inside the entry of my professor Bill’s apartment, this studiolo was intended to provide visual separation between the front entryway and the adjacent living room. As a studio space for one, this structure provides a cozy environment for a single person to enter, grab a book off the built-in shelving, and slide into the built-in desk. A light fixture designed around the initial flower object hangs above the desk, though ample natural daylight streams through the wooden veneer facade.


The design process for this assignment started off with a visit to our professor Bill’s West End apartment. As a class, we measured the dimensions of his entire home, and took photos of every inch of floor space. These photos were collaged into a comprehensive floor plan and pinned up on the wall of our studio. This exercise helped us get to know Bill and understand his personal taste in terms of interior design and decor. This helped guide is in the design stage of our studiolo.