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TUIO Integration

Since my last post I’ve managed to make quite a bit of progress on my ship visualization program (I haven’t decided on a name yet). The data I received from Fraser Surrey Docks was sorted by month and imported into my Processing program along with the TUIO library. I’m using the ReacTIVision element of TUIO […]

Map Design

While waiting to receive the data sets from the ports, I started work on designing a map to support my project. When I created my initial mockup, I envisioned the final piece would look something like this: I did some research and realized that there’s a Processing library called Unfolding Maps that allows users to […]


After contacting three companies, I’ve finally managed to acquire the data I was looking for. At first I was hoping to gain access to live updated data sets with the vessel name, current position and commodity, but after contacting Port Metro Vancouver I realized this would be a difficult task. Even though this information is […]

Interface & Data Collection

Lately I’ve been trying to decide how the ship data will be displayed, and what type of interface to use. At first I was considering the use of tangible objects to control the data on the screen, which at that time would’ve been a projection on a wall. Since then the plan has progressed into […]