Tag: processing

Tweelo Finishing Touches

I’ve been working on the finishing touches on my program Tweelo, including the slight updating of visuals, placement of text on the screen, overlapping text and aspect ratio.

Kinect Touchscreen Prototype

In the attempt to build a touchscreen using Kinect and Processing, I’ve constructed a screen with material that stretches when touched. The change in depth of the screen is picked up by the Kinect camera and is displayed in an ‘Average Point Tracking’ Processing sketch.

Getting Kinect to Work with Processing

After installing Daniel Shiffman’s Open Kinect for Processing library, I kept getting an error message stating “a library relies on native code that’s not available, or only works properly when the sketch is run as a 64-bit application.” After many trials attempting to get the kinect to communicate with Processing, I finally got it up and running.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Social media provides an outlet for anyone to speak their mind while providing public opinions, thoughts and advice. Even though individual Tweets or Facebook posts may seem unimportant or trivial, they comprise a large set of data which provides invaluable information on society.

Plotting Tweets

By converting the longitude and latitude values from strings to float values, I was successfully able to plot them onto the map.