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Interactive Floor Projection

The map will be projected onto the floor of the gallery space. As viewers walk over the projection, a Kinect camera installed above will detect their presence and trigger the program to draw a pulsing circle beneath their feet.

Grad Project Proposal

I plan on using Processing, a java based programming language, to create a real time, visual representation of localized trending topics and tweet density within the city of Vancouver. This visualization is intended to be used as an interactive web app.

Final Touches

After adding the final touches to my program it seems to be working pretty well. Now there are unique icons that pop up when a user hovers over a ship and changes which data is showed. I also added a map, which I styled in MapBox. MapBox and TileMill allow me to use the Unfolding […]

Adding Icon Images and Flags

After 10 weeks and 32 project versions I think the end is in sight. My ship visualization program seems to be functioning properly so I’ve been working on fixing some of the design elements and adding more images. When looking through the data of all the ships that passed through the port during 2013 I […]

Choosing Plexiglass

A couple weeks ago my instructor ordered some samples of Acrylite plexiglass so we could get an idea as to what product would be best for the ReacTable. After a couple weeks of waiting, the samples arrived. In the box are about seven different samples of plexiglass in different opacities, colours and thicknesses. The three […]

Map Design

While waiting to receive the data sets from the ports, I started work on designing a map to support my project. When I created my initial mockup, I envisioned the final piece would look something like this: I did some research and realized that there’s a Processing library called Unfolding Maps that allows users to […]