The Architecture of Aquaculture

Modern methods of food production have accelerated climate change, but can sustainable practices aid in reversing it? The Architecture of Aquaculture seeks to explore the restorative effects of seaweed aquaculture through an adaptive reuse of British Columbia’s controversial salmon farms. This new building typology will articulate the relationship between humans and nature through green building practices, while seaweed aquaculture serves as the mediating force. 

This project unfolds across British Columbia’s Discovery Islands and a single site in Powell River. The main ‘gateway’ site is located at Ahlstrom Point in Powell River, an easily accessible location compared to the remaining ‘satellite’ sites in remote regions of the Discovery Islands. These sites are all locations of existing salmon farms which will be transformed into seaweed aquaculture facilities. As such, this project seeks to reuse the framework that’s already existing on site.  

Powell River Site

Discovery Islands Sites