TUIO Integration

Since my last post I’ve managed to make quite a bit of progress on my ship visualization program (I haven’t decided on a name yet). The data I received from Fraser Surrey Docks was sorted by month and imported into my Processing program along with the TUIO library.

I’m using the ReacTIVision element of TUIO to track the location of tangible objects tagged with fiducials upon the plexiglass Reactable surface. To test the functionality of my program up to this point, I’ve been using the ReacTIVision simulator, which allows you to move symbols around a virtual environment and sends their position within the space to the Processing program. If a particular fiducial is within 20px from one of the ships on the screen, data relating to that ship is revealed. The video below generally shows how the program is working at this moment. The program on the left is the ReacTIVision simulator while my project is on the right.

The black bar along the bottom is eventually going to be transformed into a timeline which allows users to slide a particular fiducial along the line, changing which month’s data is displayed.

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