Tweelo Finishing Touches

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.00.46 AM

I’ve been working on the finishing touches on my program Tweelo, including the slight updating of visuals, placement of text on the screen, overlapping text and aspect ratio.

The rectangular blocks that were previously overlaid on the map to show emotion have now been replaced to reflect the actual boundaries of Vancouver neighbourhoods. Vancouver has more than 20 different neighbourhoods represented within the bounding box I’m using in my program. To make this value more manageable, I grouped neighbourhoods together to create 11 contiguous areas.

More than 20 Individual Vancouver Neighbourhoods
Grouped neighbourhoods that’ll be analyzed in the program

It took quite some time to create the visuals used to represent the emotional index of these neighbourhoods, but I find it’s more effective than the previous rectangular boxes. For each of the 11 areas, I created 5 different images to be swapped in/out depending on the emotional index. Each image is a different colour to show negativity, positivity or neutral emotion.

map pieces

I’ve also updated the way the tweet text is displayed. Now the username appears above the tweet, and the content never goes off the page. One of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to prevent the text of multiple tweets from overlapping. If multiple tweets were sent from the same exact area, when the user goes to select one of them, the text from both appear in the same spot. To prevent this, the most recent tweet from that location is displayed, while the other is hidden. Even though these tweets aren’t visible, their content still affects the emotional index of the neighbourhood.

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