Video Distortion with Max 7

While learning to work with Max this semester, I created a program that distorts video footage based on live audio. I envision this program in a live audience setting such as a theatre. If viewers disturb the experience by talking during the film, their interruption will be reflected visually and audibly by distorting the video footage and audio. Such a measure may encourage viewers to be silent during a movie.

I started by accessing the audio through the microphone in the computer:

Access Audio

Next I loaded in 3 pre selected movies that the viewer could select between:


Then the video footage was distorted based on the frequency of the live audio:


And finally the video’s audio was distorted based on audio input:

distort audio

And as for the output, the program provided a simple preview mode displaying videos to select, a play/pause button, and the movie footage:

Max Sketch Preview Mode

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