Virtual Reality Spidercam


Immersive Media is a leading producer and distributor of 360 degree videos, cameras and operating systems. As a joint pursuit between Emily Carr and Immersive Media, I helped develop a lightweight Spidercam for use with Immersive Media’s 360 degree cameras. This Spidercam supports virtual reality filmmakers by physically removing them from the scene, while providing remote control of the cameras movement.

My responsibilities included the software development and interface design. The interface provides an isometric visualization of the camera within a defined space, while providing additional controls to support the speed, acceleration and easing of the physical Spidercam. I developed the software in Processing, a Java based programming IDE.

The system is operated by a wireless PlayStation controller, providing a familiar user experience. The joysticks allow the user to drive the camera through the 3D space at variable speeds, while the additional buttons and triggers control easing between defined points.

The physical structure of the Spidercam is comprised of a set of motors, thin cables and pulleys, which can be setup in any space in under 45 minutes.